Mari’s Man in Uniform (Sisters in Bloom Book 2)


Marigold Scott has always lived life as a free spirit, giving her creativity full reign over her day and business.  It is not until she dreams of expanding her floral shop that she even considers she may need a little structure in order to accomplish her goals.  Butch Johnson is the complete opposite of his best friend Mari — he is very structured, with a detailed life plan.  When Mari asks him to do the renovation on her shop, he wonders if they can overcome their different life approaches in order to get through the work.  As the renovation begins, neither expects the attraction that ignites between them, let alone the rush of romantic emotions that flows.  The more invested their hearts become they must decide how much they will risk for love.

Ms. Kincaid delivers a sweet love story that readers will enjoy getting lost in.  The chemistry between Butch and Mari will hook readers into the story, with their banter, honesty and love for one another.  The issues arise when Mari’s personality, quirks, and attitude stop being endearing, which may turn some readers off who don’t enjoy a slightly unlikeable main character.  Although Mari and Butch’s friendship is sweet, their romantic relationship is rather predictable and cliché, leaving little mystery to where the plot is going.  There is also not a lot at stake to keep the plot fully engaging and exciting from start to finish.  However, the story as a whole will bring smiles, warm hearts and leave readers curious about all of the Scott sisters and their love stories.

Amy Cefoldo