Luke’s Redemption (A King Security #1)


Katya Dalca knows right from wrong and has decided she no longer wants to be part of her father’s criminal activity. Escaping her father’s control is the only way to gain control of her life and her first step to freedom leads her straight into the DEA’s crosshairs and agent Luke Hunter’s arms.  One chance steamy night changes their lives forever, but even though Katya moves on with her plan to disappear, she can never forget Luke.  When Katya decides she can no longer avoid the trip, she’s forced to return to her hometown and she’s suddenly back in her father’s realm….and Luke’s world.  Can Katya set aside the heartbreak of Luke’s betrayal from all those years ago and risk her life for a second chance?

A contemporary steamy romance with a side of mystery, “Luke’s Redemption” has Alpha males in spades!  However, a strong word of caution needs to be made regarding graphic language for readers who prefer subtle romance.  While the story flows at a sedate pace, there are instances the reader might become mired - but perseverance will pay off.  Katya’s journey of independence is a dichotomy as she returns to her home state and is rejoined with Luke.  A few typos that will not detract from the story can be easily corrected with light editing.  Slated as the first in the series, the plot is not entirely original - ex-Military turned security-company hero ends up saving the damsel in distress - but fans of this genre will not be disappointed.

Jordyn Teel