Lucky For Her

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Lana is pregnant, alone and fleeing her abusive ex-husband.  Desperate to keep the pregnancy a secret until she is safe, Lana keeps a low profile. Finally, Lana’s sister convinces her to attend a hometown party of an old friend.  While there, she meets the most amazingly handsome man!  Lana’s past tells her she can trust no one, but with Lucky, her walls seems to crumble.

Lucky has spent years working to overcome the stigma and humiliation he felt growing up as the “fat kid”.  He is now trim and fit and working as the hometown sheriff. But, upon seeing Lana, the one girl who succeeded in destroying his teenage life, Lucky is determined to re-pay her for the hurt she caused. As he spends time with her, however, he realizes it might be a lot harder than anticipated.  Revenge turns out to be a two-sided dragon as Luke struggles to accept the past and embrace the future.

Ms. Taylor has taken the common theme of childhood obesity, transported it, then examined it from two points-of-view - the one hurt and the one who did the hurting - then tempering it with added life experience. While Lana and Lucky’s story is both touching and heartbreaking, the reader never quite experiences the depth so desperately needed. The writing  seems clumsy at times, relying on too many “ands” and staying safely on the surface rather than delving into deeper waters, those waters that would have taken this from enjoyable to unforgettable.

TJ Mackay