Luc (Rossi Brothers #1)


Liz Anderson has been grieving her husband's untimely death for the past two years. She is determined to focus on her career writing erotic romance and on healing her heart, and so she moves back home to Angel Bay. She's certainly not interested in her friends' matchmaking schemes - especially not with single dad Luc Rossi who is ten years her junior, no matter how hot he is. On his end, Luc Rossi has had enough of scheming women. Devastated by his fiancée's betrayal, the only thing he's interested in is the family business and raising his daughter.

Ladies, grab a box of tissue, this story is packed with emotional turmoil, smoldering passion and a love story that will pull one’s heartstrings! The author did an excellent job on diverting the age gap and focusing on Liz and Luc's relationship. Liz is fighting the guilt of betraying her husband's memory when she can't keep away from Luc. Their attraction is real, and the sex scenes are intense! Readers will share Liz's heartache as her life as she knows it is cut short, and share her joy and excitement for the new life that could be hers if she could only open her heart. One can't help but fall in love with sexy Luc, who is willing to put his heart on the line and take a chance. The author did an awesome job in portraying that love truly has no age. Although the book felt slightly rushed (in a "speed dating" fashion), and the relationship seemed more of a sexual nature it worked, and readers will totally feel the connection. Truly an enjoyable read one will not be able to put down!

Maria Rose Dariotis