Loving the Greek Billionaire: A Destination of Heart Romance Book 5


Rose Berret flies from France to Greece to temporarily fill a nanny position. She is anxious because her employer is a billionaire and she despises the wealthy. Upon landing, she is met by Stavros, the handsome head of security. Little does she know that “Stavros” is none other than the illustrious billionaire, Leo Papadakis, who has been hiding from the public since his wife died. The real Stavros is posing as Mr. Papadakis. The staff knows of the deception, but since Rose is a temp, Leo keeps her in the dark. Leo falls for Rose while he watches her interact with the children during their travels. She feels the same, but cannot hide her aversion to Mr. Papadakis because of his wealth. Leo must reveal his deception without losing Rose.

“Loving the Greek Billionaire” is a clean, fun, fast-paced romance. Leo's deception is known to everyone and is an inside joke for all, except Rose. The travel and tour scene descriptions are elegant and detailed, making the reader feel they are actually touring Greece. The story is a clichéd one; the employer falls in love with his nanny with a major hurdle to overcome. At times it is difficult to discern whether it is Stavros or Leo who is talking when the two are together. Ms. Swinton artfully constructs the remainder of her characters so they are distinct with their individual personalities and voices. One can tell the author spent many hours researching her material for this story to make it so realistic. An enjoyable book, it is part of a series sure to be just as lively!

Belinda Wilson