Love You to Death


NEW ADULT:  Cherry. Yeah, it sounds like a hooker name, but what does she care? She hasn’t been Arden Elliott since her mother’s lifeless bloodied body was torn from her grasp. Who cares who she really is anyway? Skids (street kids) are little more than a nuisance in Baltimore, Maryland. Then Angel Face appears and her suddenly-full stomach and mittened hands override every warning bell and whistle about him. Until he tries to kill her.

Gideon couldn’t be more opposite. Low and slow-talkin’, lanky horse-raisin’, tender caress-makin’, Gideon. But Cherry has more to hide from him than just her real name, and her secrets could threaten the lives of everyone on his Kentucky farm. 

A-maz-ing. Amazing! You’d never guess this novel is Ms. March’s first. Her writing reads just as smooth and silky as the work of seasoned authors! "Love You to Death” should be perched on shelves right along with their best sellers. With exceptionally witty lines and a wonderfully snarky MC, this book is the kind that a reader will glance down at the ebook page counter and yell: “No! I’m running out of good book!” Never mind that everyone loves a great story that can make them feel extreme emotions. Take note, friends. We’ve got a rising star!  

Sofia St. Angeles