Love Under Construction (Indulgence Row #2)


Charlie was never like most girls. She grew up loving hammers and saws and loved getting dirty to create something beautiful.  So, after receiving her degree and against her family's protests, she set about building her reputation in the building renovation business.  But as talented and capable as she is, her boss refuses to allow a “girl” to take the lead on the most challenging and important projects - especially when his own son, Peter, is set to advance.   What to do?  Take the leap and start a business of your own!  


Charlie soon discovers, however, that although Peter (her life-long secret crush) is supportive and helpful, his father is willing to go to whatever extreme necessary to get rid of the competition.  When Charlie realizes her relationship with Peter is quickly growing into something more, she must decide which part of her life is most important.


For anyone who loves those DIY home shows on television, this book will be an instant success!  Charlie is sweet and fun, yet capable and courageous.  Peter is every woman’s dream - supportive, kind, yet extremely capable in his own right.  The renovation aspect is a large and sometimes detailed part of the story, however, and those not enthusiastic with the subject matter will assuredly become bored.  Still, the sweet romance grows at a believable rate and the story is one that will make the reader sigh and smile as the last page turns!


Ruth Lynn Ritter