Love on the Rebound (Playing Hard Romance Book 2)


Betty Davenport is a charismatic self-starter, an entrepreneur whose fashion business is getting ready to hit a pinnacle. The dark cloud hanging over Betty’s exciting world is her ex-boyfriend of five years who dumped her for a “hot young intern.” She is not quite ready for a rebound relationship, but her friends/coworkers say it is exactly what she needs. When she drives her nephew to basketball practice, Betty discovers his coach is none other than Baylor Griffin, the star player she crushed on back in the day. The chemistry between them is instantaneous, but Baylor has some emotional baggage he’s not ready to leave behind. Then there is Betty’s sister, a widow who is having just as much trouble getting over her husband’s loss as her nephew.

The heroine in this fast-paced story is refreshingly unique—a ‘50s fashion throwback with the spunk and fire of a modern woman. What’s not to love about a female athlete willing to shoot hoops wearing a dress she designed so “she can do anything in it”? Betty is a shrewd businesswoman but also has a heart, one big enough to take on the heartache of her widowed sister and her teenage son. She is ready to try again at love, but Baylor is not, although his reasoning is weak. Plot inconsistency takes the reader out of the story when Betty’s sister reaches a crisis point a second time, and Betty’s reaction falls very short. The love scenes are stellar, sizzling without going graphic. Overall, “Love on the Rebound” is solid, heartwarming, and funny, filled with sparkling description and witty dialogue!

FS Brown