Love Me For a Reason (Nashville Connections Book 3)


Maisy-Daisy is the artistic youngest child of a large English family who is always taken for granted.  When she visits an old friend in Nashville, she is unprepared for the sudden attraction to her friend’s brother, Nathaniel.  Nathaniel is controlled in everything his accountant self does, from ironing clothes for the week to preparing his meals in measured amounts.  He isn’t interested in any relationship, least of all, his sister’s whimsical best friend.  Can they bridge the gap between thousands of miles or will they let distance paint their future?

This standalone contemporary love story spans the ocean, from Nashville to the UK, and will have readers scheduling their next vacation!  Daisy is a no-frills artist who lives by whatever mood moves her, which is in complete contrast to Nathaniel’s orderly existence.  This tale is presented with UK grammar and punctuation, which may throw readers off at first, but even the untrained eye can adjust and appreciate the flow of the story.  Given that, this is a tale of two cities and our characters are from a decidedly different culture. Readers may find it uncharacteristic for people from western Tennessee to refer to their mother as “mum” or the trunk of a car as the “boot”.  Readers will find a few words missing in sentence structure toward the end of the book as well as a section where Nathaniel’s father is called by his mother’s name.  Reader’s heartstrings will be pulled, though, as the story succeeds in delivering a resounding Happily-Ever-After.

Jordyn Teel