Love Me Not


Heath and his sister Penny were orphaned at a young age, and Penny was able to adopt and care for Heath for most of his childhood. She always took care of him, even into his adult life. When his wife Cassie took her life, Penny stepped in yet again, to give him work and a place to live. His one escape was making women feel good.  His work as a gigolo was rewarding to him, and financially he was set. When Heath meets Kimber, a clerk in his sister's store, the game changes. He does not want to hurt anyone else in his life and pushes her away. He suffers his own mental demons and is likely to never outrun them. Will Kimber change his mind? Can writing his book and staying alone for a year cure him?


Wow! Ms. Snowe has penned a hot and heavy tale with “Love Me Not”. Told from Heath’s point of view, readers can really get into his head with the way the author details his life and his thoughts. The descriptors used paint a visual picture that will draw readers in and feel that they are part of the story. The characters are easy to follow and represent great supporting roles in the plot. The very descriptive relationships Heath has with his clients allows readers insight to his illness and self destruction. Kudos to a great story and readers will appreciate this isn’t just another steamy love story!


Viola Robbins