Love Burns (The River #3)


Dave Knight lives a vicarious life. A smokejumper, he plays hard and lives dangerously until he tempts fate one time too many. Olivia Benedetti-Harper thought she had married the perfect man - but a perfect match does not a loving relationship make. 


Just like the title, the story is a play on words. Burned by their former relationships Dave and Olivia try to stop the attraction growing between them until one summer when they give in. The author adequately portrays Dave as a drifter and his spiraling down because of his feelings of inadequacy brought about by his accident. On the other hand, one cannot help but feel a little exasperated in the way Olivia seems to passively react to the events that surround her. She wants to break free from the hold her father has on her yet she opts not to enter into an argument with her parents about her choices in life. Still, just like a flame, the story starts with a spark then an ember before circumstances add kindling creating a gradual burn that, if tended, lasts for a long time.


This is a slow but entertaining read. The pace is not frenetic.  The author allows the reader a glimpse of how the characters’ relationship evolves amid the reservations of their friends around them.  She gives the reader a glimpse of the different choices the characters make that bring them together, but could also break them apart. This is a sweet romance with pockets of steamy encounters that will leave one feeling satisfied in the long run.


M.P. Ceja