Love Between the Lines

A. D.

Marlowe Bennet, a prominent local Colorado Springs author, is visting Under the Sheets, one of the biggest book events in Denver, Colorado, for readers and authors alike. When Marlowe meets Heath Rochester, a book cover model, she is unsure of his motives. Heath is so much more than a pretty face; he is also a businessman owning Page Turners bookshop. Marlowe decides to help Heath in making the store one of the best in town, even promising to be one of the resident authors there. As Marlowe gets to know Heath, she is skeptical of his attraction to her. Heath’s numerous attempts to woo her could all be for naught, especially with her anxiety issues and the constant meddling of Marlowe’s ex-boyfriend. Marlowe’s feelings of doubt could destroy the relationship before it has even started.

What a delightful, cute contemporary romance that readers will easily be able to identify with! The story gives us a glimpse into the isolative introverted world of authors, but never makes it difficult to imagine anything. The place is easily visualized and seems believable, and Colorado’s quaintness is displayed excellently! The writing is smooth, never jarring, and moves the book along wonderfully! The characters simmer with life and vitality, even though the descriptions are a bit vague. Marlowe, the quiet, introspective writer is every woman. She loves wine, has the greatest friends, and her cats are adorable! Heath, the charming hero is just an absolute dream! Heath is flawless, he cooks amazing meals, cares for everyone, and looks like the perfect depiction of a romance book hero. This novel is quite captivating, merging fiction and real life seamlessly!

Roslynn Ernst