Love is a Battlefield


Addison Cooper, a single, interior decorator, finds herself traveling to Oregon with her mother on an emergency, her mother claimed, to save her best friend’s family lodge. Floods of memories haunt Addison, of all the pranks the two sons of the friend played on her during family camping trips as children, especially those of Brogan. Little does Addison know the entire emergency is a setup. Brogan, a successful author arrives and is curious about his mother’s bizarre behavior, which is further sparked when he learns of her plans to hire Addison to decorate the old cabins in the woods. Addison and Brogan square off and wager she will not last a month. Pranks are rekindled, but sparks begin to fly, and the mothers hope their little push turns those sparks into a flame that cannot be denied.

“Love is a Battlefield” is a fun read with quick wit about past and future love. Readers will enjoy the points of view of the mothers by way of texting, to bring Addison and Brogan together. Addison’s personality hints of sarcasm, but it’s not over the top. There are laugh out loud moments when both characters are determined to steer clear of each other. However, it is hard to believe a smart woman who truly despised a man would continue to converse with him. Also, Addison needing to work remotely without electricity seems questionable. Overall, “Love is a Battlefield” is an enchanting romance. Whitney Dineen’s spin on childhood prankster turned romantic interest is a sweet romance you cannot put down until the very end.

Moira Wolf