A Look Back (Prequel to The Rennillia Series)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Rennillia (Ren or Renni) Cantinelli has nothing to look forward to but her high school graduation. She and her best friend, Scott Herterand (Hert) are both physically abused teens. It is Hert that she runs to see after being soundly beaten by her father, slipping out her bedroom window at all hours of the night. Of course Hert does the same when things go bad at his home. When Hert is introduced to Emerson Roberts (Em), he has every reason to be concerned about Ren's new relationship.  He exhibits his concern as anger which is quickly displaced by Emerson's winning personality and his family's wealth.

Sembera chooses first person narrative to tell of a sixteen year old girl's survival of her father's repeated beatings with one moral code - no sex. Although this code has its place, it is handled in an unbelievable fashion as Ren spends the night with more than one friend of the male persuasion. This story flat lines with no real plot, poor punctuation, a desperate need for editing, and an understanding of the writing art. This book is written in first person. It is also the Prequel to The Rennillia Series.  Hopefully the editing issues that sabotaged this story can be worked out so we can look forward to more unique stories from this author.


Shaunna Gonzales AKA Erin Murdock