Long, Hot Texas Summer


Loretta Sullivan and Jackson Bailey were perfect for each other, or so they had believed.  One disastrous moment of weakness ripped their marriage and young family apart.  It’s been seventeen years since Loretta packed up their little girl and belongings, leaving a trail of dust out of Lonesome Canyon Ranch, and now she is back!  Blazing a trail back to Jackson’s ranch, she’s fixin’ to talk some sense into her daughter, who says she’s dropping out of college! Loretta’s biggest obstacle is not letting her regrets influence her daughter’s future. Plus, another problem – a sexy ex-husband who still ignites her passion like no man ever has.


“Long, Hot Texas Summer” is the first book in Ms. Brown’s Canyon Series.  Set in Texas’s rugged and earthy Palo Duro Canyon, the tight-knit ranching community has distinctive qualities and local flavor. As the characters listen to an old Billboard Hot Country song, the reader may feel a touch of nostalgia reading this second-chance romance.  Although, there was a time these young lovebirds had felt a love ‘deeper than the holler’ it’s difficult to get a strong feel for them beyond their physical attraction.  The hero seems passive. The heroine’s emotions swing hot to cold, and her salty language may be off-putting to inspirational readers. There is obvious comedy – catfights and interfering family members and there are also intriguing hints about the next book in this series.  “Long, Hot Texas Summer” will appeal to readers searching for a whimsical and light second-chance romance.  


Anna Fitzgerald