Legally Yours


Julie Streeter left law school after the death of her parents to raise her younger sister, Lily. Now she has worked as a paralegal for seven years. With her thirtieth birthday two weeks away she writes her own "bucket list", more of a "to do" list she wants accomplished before her birthday.

Matthew Ellis is a corporate attorney who recognizes Julie from law school. They even attended classes together but he restrains his lust for her until her "bucket list" accidentally falls into his hands. At that point, the sex begins as Manda Collins writes a steamy how-to book leading the reader from one "bucket list" sex act to the next under the guise that it is the same as romance.

The uneducated sex student will come away from this manuscript with enough information that he or she could entertain the same partner for the better part of a week!  Unfortunately, aside from the sex "how-to" aspects, this story is flat, especially when the reader is compelled to believe that the two characters fall deeply in love for no other reason than fantastic sex.  Readers who look for only titillation will rate this book higher, those who prefer an actual story with any depth, however may prefer passing.

Erin Murdock