Layers (Stark #1)


Hayley and Natasha are roommates and best friends living in San Francisco. It’s a wild night out with their third bestie, Ian, who models and prefers men. Hayley loses a drking contest and her punishment, set by Natasha, is accompanying her to an orientation and open interview at one of the leading software security companies in the country. Hayley is waiting on a job she applied for at a popular magazine. This interview is torture for Hayley, inflicted by Natasha. Hayley diverts from the group and finds an executive kitchen, where she makes herself a coffee. When interrupted by a handsome, casually dressed male, she decides to bash the company’s owner and states her not-so-impressed opinions. What Hayley doesn't know is that Daniel, the man she meets, is the owner and a self-made billionaire. Hayley’s encounter leaves a lasting first impression with Daniel.


Witty banter and humorous thoughts carry this romantic tale. A bit clumsy in the beginning, however the pace and tempo of the plot swiftly takes readers through an emotional ride with a private, dominant alpha male and a strong willed female. Their chemistry is palpable and evidence that they are soul mates shows in vivid color. This primary work by Ms. Ehrlich is a great beginning to her Stark Series. There is a book 2 and with the cliff hanger ending, readers will definitely want the next in the series ready to dive into to see if love prevails for Daniel and Hayley.


Julie Caicco