Lavender Moon


Summer camp is where Kaleb and Luna meet as young children, and return for many summers thereafter. Camp is Kaleb’s escape from his broken home, and Luna becomes his only friend. Luna’s mother a recovering addict, and Kaleb, who is being raised by his hard working grandfather, play big parts in who they become. Everyone at camp witnesses how inseparable the two are, and when they return as counselors at eighteen, their relationship changes, but an argument leaves them with no way to contact each other as Kaleb heads to Army boot camp. When a night out three years later brings them back together, it’s the reunion they both desperately hoped for. Their chemistry is still undeniable, but can they figure out their future when he’s set to deploy for a year, and nothing happens the way it’s supposed to.

Hold on to your hats! Ms. Parker is showing off with all the feels in “Lavender Moon”. Readers get a front row seat to the main characters as they meet as kids and blossom into young adults. Each has lived a lot of ‘life’ and are forced into ‘adulting’ at young ages. Their struggles and experiences are all relatable, and some situations may create triggers. The hero, a wounded war veteran who comes home with PTSD, and our heroine, who survives domestic violence in his absence, are bound together even when miles apart. Both survivors create a relationship that readers can’t help but cheer for! They are delightful characters that will capture reader’s hearts. This is another fantastic read by Natalie Parker, an author who should definitely be on one’s one-click list. An absolutely heart-wrenching read with the perfect happy ending for readers to escape with, “Lavender Moon” is a must-read that is unputdownable!

Viola Robbins