Kissing a Billionaire: A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 22

Taylor Hart, Heather B. Moore, Sophia Summers, Annette Lyon,
Danyelle Ferguson, Sarah M. Eden

Each story in this anthology offers complex characters, plenty of twists and surprises, and never goes any further than sharing kisses.  Settings span the globe, so readers can travel without leaving home.

“The Undercover Billionaire” has a man in trouble and a woman with no clue who she is. Then the truth about both is revealed.

“Be My Plus One” features a woman in need of cash for her new app design and a venture capitalist who wants to see her succeed, despite her fiery shove off.

“To Have and To Hold” Chad escapes a no-show date by running to Lake Tahoe, where he meets Grace who ran to Tahoe to be left alone. Attraction is strong. Then they find out who each other is.

“Bow Tie or the Billionaire” Lauren needs a partner to help run her cosmetic company so she can return to the lab and research. What she gets is two men who are not who they first appear to be, and one kind-hearted clown.

“How to Woo a Billionaire in Ten Days” Wealthy Penny has no room for love, she’s after better things. Then average-guy Mac takes a bet he can win her heart.

“The Billionaire Abroad” Keighley is thrilled to travel overseas with her crush/boss and plan an event. She isn’t so thrilled with the local planner, Brogan. He’s an intruding third-wheel, right?

A half dozen billionaire-themed stories in one riveting assortment. A couple of the sagas had minor grammatical errors, but certainly not enough to distract from the stories. Each tale has a billionaire and a love interest—or two!—and lots of action, misunderstandings, witty dialogue, and snappy comebacks. “

Each story ends with a happily-ever-after and no cliffhangers. With such great stories, it will be hard to pick a favorite!

Emerson Matthews