Kiss Me In Paris (Kiss Me #1)

Dmytry Karpov
Kimberly Kinrade

Cade Savage is a Texas cowboy to the bone, but only because he was raised to be so. His passion lies elsewhere, and not with the legacy passed down from his grandfather. Running his family ranch is what is expected of him, but all Cade wants to do is become an architect.  Going off to college in Paris is not an easy decision for Cade with so much lose in his life. He isn't sure if he has made the right choice to go off and follow his dream, even after meeting the one woman that lights his fire. 

Winter Deveaux wants to be a published romance author, and nothing will stand in her way - except maybe the fact she doesn’t allow herself to feel love. Being scared of relationships is only one of the road blocks she has on the path to becoming an author. The secrets Winter holds onto so tightly keep her from letting loose and enjoying life, even after meeting and becoming friends with the one man that pulls at her heart strings. 


Cade and Winter are falling in love with each other, but will the secrets of their past keep them from sharing their love? Can they find the path in life that that they both can walk together? Will crossing an ocean take away the chains that bind the past to them?  


Readers will find themselves falling in love with both Cade and Winter from “Kiss Me In Paris” by Dmytry Karpov and Kimberly Kinrade. Following your dreams are not easy, but it's even harder when holding onto things that go bump in the night. Yes, readers will see that this is not a simple love story of two young college students making their way. Grammatically well-written, with strong characters and a powerful, if slow-moving plot, "Kiss Me in Paris" is full of New Adult angst and dramatic themes.


NB:  Readers need to be aware there is violent content, and talk of rape within this book.  


Melody Prat