Kevin Boy to Man


COMEDY:  Kevin is trapped under his mother’s emotional control and he’s desperate to break free. So far, he’s lived a solitary life, but now he struggles with sexual desires and his desire to find a girlfriend. But those desires remain unfulfilled and he grows even more frustrated. His relationships are limited to internet chat rooms staring at dirty pictures and then fantasizing about them. His relationships with his mother and aunt are unhealthy in many different ways, and at the start of the book, Kevin is not a likeable character at all. 


But as the book progresses, he transforms. When he has the house to himself, he starts inviting strays, and he learns that more than just sexual desires, he yearns for human companionship; for friends. He becomes an adult and transforms while doing so into a man who cares about others, who has genuine friends, and who is anything but the weird and somewhat socially-isolated kid the reader first meets. 


The book is a fun mix of humor, quirkiness, and at times, sadness too. It’s a coming of age story that seems perfect for this age, where a lot of youngsters struggle with sexual desires and with being lonely. An impressive feat, with engaging writing, and a main character the reader slowly grows to like. 


Majanka Verstraete