Keeping Score


CHICK-LIT:   When Shannon’s 9-year-old son is invited to play for a team involved in summer travel baseball, little did she know that a fun and active way to spend the summer would turn into a competitive race. Trying to balance an ex, his girlfriends, her “best” friends, a couple of potential boyfriends, and her son, Shannon has a lot to do. When her son is forced onto the worst team in the league because of parental politics, Shannon decides to do everything she can to help her son. But can Shannon teach her son the right way to act and play or will she become one of the crazy baseball parents herself?


A fun Contemporary, Chick-lit, sports novel, “Keeping Score” reveals the world of Little League baseball in a completely different light, with enough crazy parents to fill a TV drama series, and one mom determined to bulldoze her way through it! Shannon is unlike any other heroine. She’s a middle-aged woman, a divorcee, and a fierce mom. She’s ready to jump anyone who messes with her kid, and willing to do anything to help him succeed, even inviting her ex’s girlfriend to her son’s games because he likes her. The romance is light but given a realistic twist in the approach. Readers will sympathize with Shannon as she tries to support her son’s dreams while dealing with the rest of daily life - including that Ex, and an annoying boss. A must read for any sports or contemporary lovers!

Sarah E Bradley