Keeping Her Guilty Secret (Forever Yours Trilogy)


Nicole Bradford is keeping a colossal secret: one that can cost her job, family, and her budding love life. After being burned by an ex-lover, Nicole has vowed to keep her heart, and her life, private, even if that means giving up on her dreams. But when she develops feelings for her soon-to-be brother-in-law/boss’s brother, Max Paradis, things get a little hairy. When her ex-lover returns to her life and tries to bring down all that she’s built in the aftermath of their fall-out, Nicole must make some tough decisions in order to protect her family and her life… even if that means letting Max go.


To most people, Max has fled the country after his divorce. What they don’t know is he’s keeping a secret that he’s legally bound to keep … and wants to keep in order to hide his shame. But as his feelings for Nicole grow and her secret is uncovered, will he be able to look at this new relationship outside of the scope of his past? 


Although this story is quite unique and suspenseful, there is a lack of plausibility in how the characters interact with each other. For instance, Nicole’s hesitation throughout the novella to share her struggles about her ex-lover, Carlo, with Max seems to truncate the emotional development of the story between the love interests. Interestingly, the connection that Nicole displays with her sisters truly makes for a touching story. "Keeping Her Guilty Secret” is a quaint, quick read that provides a good summer escape. 


Mia Francis