A Journey Home


MILITARY:  Captain Stephanie Tyler has the hardest job in the Air Force. She flies overseas to retrieve and escort the bodies of fallen soldiers back home to the United States so that they are never left alone. However, as the escorts are threatened continually, it is decided she will have a partner. Unfortunately it's not just any partner, but the one person she hoped to never see again - her ex-husband. 


Captain Douglas ‘DA” Aston is on a mission. Not only does he have to balance the emotional turmoil that accompanies the job, he wants to win Stephanie back, which will be tricky since she caught him in the arms of her best friend. Still, DA is determined to prove that all’s fair in love and war.


An emotional Contemporary Romance, “A Journey Home” will leave the reader in tears more than once as the Captains' duty is explored and DA and Stephanie deal with their romantic past and future. While the misunderstanding involved isn’t new to romance novels, the setting gives depth to the story and raises the bar on both sadness and joy. While a serious story, there are moments of hilarity and steam as DA attempts to win Stephanie back and the balance makes this an enjoyable read.


Sarah E. Bradley