Jamie’s Gift (Second Chance at Love #1)


The last person Jenna ever expects to see walk through the doors of her shop is Rod, the boy she crushed on in high school — but sometimes fate throws a girl a second chance at love.  Rod has only come into the shop to pick up something for his son Jamie, but the moment he sees Jenna standing behind the counter, he knows fate is throwing him another opportunity to win her heart. This  time he is determined not to fail.  Set against a beautiful Wyoming winter, Jenna and Rod embark on a new journey of friendship, love, family, and grabbing a hold of whatever fate tosses in their path.

Anyone who loves a good holiday movie will find joy and entertainment between the pages of “Jamie’s Gift.”  From the snowy descriptions and twinkling lights to a cute romance and the love of family, Ms. Jewel sweeps her readers into a winter wonderland, filling their hearts with that holiday feeling.  Although the connection between Jenna and Rod will get one’s heart pounding, the lack of real character development and depth will leave the reader dissatisfied and wanting more from them.  The dialogue, although chock full of information, comes off as forced or out of place.  "Jamie's Gift" has  the potential to be more than just an average story, but will require the author to dig deeper into the plot and characters.  Overall, with its snowy setting and a second chance at love, readers will be reaching for their hot chocolate to snuggle up with this romance.

Amy Cefoldo