In It To Win It


Jane Alexander is no longer plain Jane from small town Utah but a successful sportscaster. More importantly, she’s no longer the girl with a broken heart.  When her boss sends her on a job following the major league Baseball team, the Rockets,  she fears her past and her present will collide. The star player, Grayson Pierce, is not only a heartthrob celebrity with the infamous bad boy image, but the heart breaker of Jane's past.  Can she handle the job and is she truly over Grayson? With the support of Nate, her camera man, and self appointed bodyguard, she faces her demons head on. With the allure of a career-making exclusive interview, she is enticed to dinner and a week-long stay at his ranch with the hopes of getting over him once and for all. Grayson, however, has ghosts of his own, and hopes to prove he can still be that boy she fell in love with.
 There is a lot of fun and flirty banter between Grayson and Jane and the instant impact of the sexual tension is felt right away. The “high school sweethearts” theme is a wonderful base for these characters, drawing the reader artfully in, hoping that the missing piece of each character’s heart will be found.   Greyson is an irresistible hero and the classic bad boy one loves to hate but hates to love!  Jane is confident and assertive but when in the company of Grayson, she's all thumbs, giving her an honesty that shines.
The overall story is quite predictable, but with a few delightful surprises. Still, for readers who enjoy a good sports theme wrapped in a romance with a lot of tenderness, this is a home run!
Margaret Faria