It Had To Be You (Crystal Valley Series Book 2)


Emma Wyatt has been bamboozled by her best friend Audrey. Audrey purchased Chief of Police Oliver Kyle in Emma's name at a charity auction and Emma is not a happy camper, to say the least. Oliver used to be Emma’s best friend until, for some reason, he decided to go off the deep end and become the Lothario of Crystal Valley. Not only does she have to deal with Oliver and all of the handyman chores she has invented for him to do as part of their agreement, but Emma’s ex-fiancé is back in town with his new intended. To make matters worse Oliver is being attentive and sweet — two attributes Emma never thought to associate with him. However, Oliver has a secret that might tear their new, rocky relationship apart.

Although “It Had to Be You” is a standalone story, readers might find it beneficial to read the Crystal Valley series in order. Melissa Kate has created a new series that is a cross between authors like Rose Pressey and Danielle Bannister. Ms. Kate’s characters are fun loving, and readers can relate to them. Some of the background information from the first book is lost, but is easy enough for readers to follow and pick up on. Readers might question the ending of the book because it does feel somewhat like a cliffhanger; it simply ends abruptly. Hope for a third book in the series will be the first thought on readers’ mind when the last page is read. 

Mary-Nancy Smith