It’s a Zin to Tell a Lie – Love in Wine Country, Book 6


After just finding the perfect wedding dress, classical pianist Emma's happiness comes crashing down with a phone call. Believing he's doing the right thing by letting Emma go with no real explanation, Tony leaves not only Emma, but his close-knit Napa Valley family. They all believe he’s decided to live a playboy’s fun life on the Caribbean island of Mustique. Two years later, Tony returns home for a family double wedding—at the request of his crafty, eccentric grandmother—where Emma has also agreed to play piano. Fate brings them together once again when a hurricane hits Miami, and Tony comes to Emma’s rescue. The sparks fly and secrets are revealed as they both start to wonder if they can take a second chance on love.

"It's a Zin to Tell a Lie" is a sparkling, wine-infused romance where the second glass may be better than the first. Readers may get a bit tipsy from the constant sips of emotional flashbacks, but will appreciate the heady notes of the close family ties flavoring the story. Emma’s inability to stand up for herself while letting others run her life is a bit disappointing in the beginning; however, readers may relate to her dilemma and be enticed to join her journey of self-empowerment. The plot delivers few surprises, but the characters are relatable enough to offset the second chance trope. The bad guy in the story is manipulative with no real explanation; however, he causes enough conflict to provide a few obstacles for the lovebirds to overcome. Ms. Gibson uncorks a story filled with interesting characters, real life issues, and a goblet of romance to savor.

Tonya Mathenia