The Island


Motivational speaker Cassidy “Cassie” Rhone meets Brody Miller at her Social Media and Branding seminar. Cassie has no idea Brody is a successful actor, and is not interested in his advances — despite his mesmerizing green eyes and handsome exterior. His persistence pays off as he tricks her into a first date and then another, finally sparking a romance between the two. Wanting to escape the rat race of their daily lives, Brody takes Cassie to an island paradise where they fall head-over-heels in love. Little do they know tragedy is lurking just around the corner in this tropical dreamland.

Eloquent writing makes this story come alive! Cassie and Brody are the central characters and, of course, are well defined, yet the remainder of the personages plays vital key roles, too. Special care is taken to describe the looks and characteristics of each secondary person.  The world building is so fabulous the reader will want to join Cassie and Brody on their island paradise. Many deep emotions come into play in this piece, so be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. Cassie’s friend Anna and Brody’s friend Chase bring a second layer into the story and help tie everything together. “The Island” is a wonderful novel and love story and should grace everyone’s library shelves.

Belinda Wilson