International Incident - Destination: Lytua, Part 1


Khara Therin, Queen of Lytua, has the chance for a romantic fling when an extremely handsome architect mistakenly assumes she's the Queen's assistant. As partner in a black-owned architect firm being considered to design Lytua's new embassy headquarters in Washington DC, Joshua Riddick is so taken with the gorgeous "assistant" he has no qualms about declining the project; thereby avoiding a conflict of interest in getting to know Khara while she's in town. The two take in the sights of the nation's capital as they grow closer than either expected, while someone from Khara's past secretly plots her downfall. Khara keeps her real identity a secret. Riddick keeps his tragic childhood a secret. Which of these secrets will be revealed, and what will the consequences be?

"International Incident" is a contemporary romance filled with secrets, seduction, and suspense! Readers will relate to two lovebirds who are strong, independent individuals; the beautiful island queen, Khara, a dedicated delightful monarch struggling with her identity deception even as she throws caution to the wind for romance, and the scrumptious, philanthropic, and introspective architect, Riddick,who is normally a take-charge guy, but is willing to let her set the pace. Readers will enjoy the leisurely pace of their dates and be left breathless after their exhilarating make-out sessions. Suspense and intrigue are provided by a devious antagonist who is willing to bide time to strike, leaving all those who care for Khara afraid for her safety. Author Nikki Davenport manages to pique the reader's interest with a slow-paced love affair, and a steady climb to an exhilarating cliffhanger that will have readers clamoring for part two with much anticipation.

Tonya Mathenia