Interior Design and Other Emotions


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Christopher Rinaldi is a playboy on a fast track to success in the investment world, when he finds himself attracted to the barista at his usual coffee shop - a quirky young woman from his past, who is everything he thought he never wanted. Gina Giancarlo has lived with autism all her life and developed the coping mechanisms needed to function. When the opportunity arises to participate in a medication trial she gladly agrees, unprepared for the havoc the medication’s effects will have on her life.  

Ms. Forest clearly must have researched her subject matter, allowing her to create a truly insightful character in Gina. Understanding the true impact of autism, and then building a story around the development of an autistic adult discovering emotion, created a magical portal into a life readers generally would never grasp. The discovery is so empowering it encompasses everyone around Gina. Christopher is touched by Gina’s development and finds himself in a growth stage as well that is equally empowering. Sprinkle over some spicy romance and sexual discovery and you have an almost perfect novel! Minor tidbits of the story are not given as much attention as they could have been, thus creating the only minuscule flaw to be found. Even in times of adversity the story blooms into a rose like no other. Readers will find themselves drawn into two lives that intersected in the past, only to rediscover each other in the present. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto