WOMEN'S FICTION:  Jade Richmond is a forty-two year old corporate executive on the fast track upward. Everyone thinks she has it all together, but what they don’t realize is that she is numb. Her life has no meaning, no emotion….until she meets Lucas Martinez. 

Lucas Martinez will be working closely with Jade to finalize the details on a company merger. The moment he is introduced to her, the sparks fly but Jade will keep their relationship at arm's length for as long as she can. Her job, not to mention the merger would be jeopardized if she doesn't. The pull between the two is so strong and she doesn’t understand why. Why Lucas? Why now? Will the chemistry win out even when secrets from Jade’s past emerge, or will it destroy everything and everyone in her life?

“Insipid” is one of those beautifully written books that draws one in right from the prologue. The main character Jade is one complicated ball of wax, and will leave the reader wanting to smack her upside her head at times, or throw their e-reader against the wall in frustration at her actions. Her actions just don’t jive with the intelligent executive this woman is. Setting that aside, this book will make one run the gamut of emotions: sorrow, anger, angst, love, friendship, one may even shed a tear or two and the list goes on. Novels written in first person might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this story will leave one thinking about it for days. 

Lynne Bryant