The Inheritance

Morgan K.

Melody grew up in a series of foster homes and never felt she'd had anyone who truly loved her.  She finds her calling, however, as a hospice care nurse.  That is why, when one of her favorite patients wills his home to her, she jumps at the chance to put down roots.  Unfortunately, the sweet old man co-deeded it to his absentee nephew as well - a nephew Melody resents for his complete inattention to the old man she has grown to love.


Upon hearing of his inheritance, Levi decides it is the perfect place to settle down and allow his shattered leg and painful past in the military to heal... until he learns he must share that home with a woman he considers the worst kind of gold-digger.  What else could she be if his terminal uncle would deed part of his home to her? 


This sweet story allows the reader to see both the joy and pain of nursing in a career that sees only death.  It is also a fun twist for a love story!  The story needs to be tightened up, however.  There are too many repetitive and unneeded thoughts that wander from the storyline and keep it from flowing smoothly. There are also some editing problems and small holes in the story.  For instance, Melody is referred to as forceful but all her actions show her only as somewhat timid and unsure.   Still, the reading is easy and the story is an enjoyable way to spend a quiet afternoon. 


Ruth Lynn Ritter