If Only in my Dreams (North Pole, Alaska #2)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Amelia enjoyed being part of the volunteer group in North Pole, Alaska that answered letters to Santa. It really was her only reason to stay there, since the fiancée who moved her there had left her. Then she received a letter from a young boy named John who wanted to get his Dad back together and happy. She answered and encouraged him and signed it, Love Santa. That same day she received a letter from her ex, John, wanting to reconcile. She wrote him a scathing letter and told him all she wanted was for him to leave her the hell alone.

When she received a call from the boy's anguished father she realized she had inadvertently mixed up the two letters and sent them to the wrong John. To make up for her mistake she invites John and his dad to North Pole for a vacation on her. Amelia is then immersed in a whirlwind of fending off her old boyfriend and befriending young John and his dad.


Noelle Fox takes an old standby, the misunderstanding, and takes the reader on a predictable and somewhat mundane route: in this case mixed up letters. This story is not about mixed-up lovers but a young boy and an ex-lover. This twist adds a deeper dimension to the story that keeps the reader interested and, of course, rooting for the boy and his dad. Fox gives the reader a glimpse into life in this rural town that is filled with quirky characters and closeness, but also the small-town pettiness that sometimes follows. 


Rose Mary Espinoza