If I Loved You: Hollywood Hearts #1

Jean C.
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Working for the prestigious investment firm Dillon and Weed, Megan Davis has been given the duty of establishing a celebrity division within the company. After seeing what the limelight is like through her twin brother Mark, the star quarterback for the Delaware Demons, she feels a bit apprehensive; that is until handsome movie star, Chaz Duncan, walks through the door with his sexy smile and unending charisma. Always in the media, Chaz is wary of women who want to ride on his coat tails to fame. After meeting Megan, he finds her smart, attractive, and funny. She appears not to care about his celebrity status, or the amount of money he has in the bank. Can he trust her with all of his secrets? But, Megan has secrets of her own, and as the relationship starts to grow, she finds she likes being in the media even less than she imagined.  Time apart takes its toll, and they must deal with jealousy, scandal, deceit and betrayal. Will their relationship survive, and love rise above all else?

Ms. Joachim writes uniquely interesting characters, especially Chaz Duncan. He is not written as the typical ego, sex driven star. He is wary of women, and isn’t having sex every time a woman smiles at him. Quite a refreshing change from the norm!  The predictability in the plot and pacing of this story is the only thing holding it back from an enthusiastic 5 stars. “If I Loved You” is tastefully sexy, romantic, witty and a joy to read!

Tonya Smalley