I Thought You Said This Would Work


ROM-COM: Samantha Arias is widowed, so she decides to help out her friend Katie. She needs the help of her friend Holly who she hasn’t seen in a long time. Katie has cancer and tells her friends she needs them to get her dog back and steal a vehicle. The women decide that they have to do this for their friend. While on the journey, they meet an array of different people, including a celebrity who hitches a ride with them. Anything is possible on this fun filled journey with the chance that anything could happen. Put two women together on a journey where anything can happen and chaos is sure to ensue.

“I Thought You Said This Would Work” should come with a warning that there will be a lot of laughs while reading it! From the first page, there are an abundance of giggles to be had. The varied cast of characters add life and interest to the story, and the plot moves along at a decent pace. This is definitely a book to inject some fun and laughter into even the worst of bad days. Though there are points in the book where the pacing slows down, and the story could have done with more depth, but overall, this is a great book that readers will enjoy. An excellent escape for those who enjoy a good comedic read. Don’t miss out on this one! Add it to the e-reader now.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick