I’ve Got You (True-Blue #2)


LGBTQ/M/M:  Davis is a coffee shop owner in the small town of Kirby, where he lives near his best friend Tanner. Davis is also a devoted single parent to his baby daughter Libby. His unconventional path to fatherhood combined with his business responsibilities mean he hasn’t dated in a long time. An awkward meet-cute with newly “out” veterinarian named Scott leads to some emotional mayhem as their personal and professional lives overlap. Family tensions and workplace conflict set the stage for this profound love story about identity and the many ways in which healthy families are created. 

The stability of Davis’s character acts as a foil for the chaos of Scott’s life as he hovers at a crossroads. Scott’s present struggles and a painful backstory resonate as poignant without being melodramatic. In addition to the featured male characters, all of the supporting characters are portrayed with distinctly recognizable personality traits and emotional range. These characters breathe. They also swear a lot in ways that are consistent with the “bro” universe created by this author. Brisk narrative pacing supports the sense of the swiftly moving currents in the lives of the town’s residents and visitors. There are enough smoothly integrated references to details from Tanner and Carter’s love story in “Let Me Show You” (the first book in the series) that make it easy to fill in any blanks that are relevant to Davis and Scott’s journey. Universal themes about adults who are juggling the demands of their families and careers while searching for lasting love with someone who embraces them as they are, dominate this emotionally profound love story with many laugh aloud moments!

Cardyn Brooks