A Husband for Danna


MULTI-CULTURAL:  Danna Rashba and Eric Harmon meet by chance while fleeing from their respective weddings. When they arrive in Harmony Edge, in the limo he rented (and the same one she escaped into), she retreats inside the local café. The cab he called to take her home won’t wait. Danna is an independent spirit constrained by her Indian cultural heritage, and Eric has a propensity for doing the right thing. Leaving her stranded is not an option. Their bride and groom attire misleads the townspeople, who happily lend them a hand when predicaments crop up.


Written in the third person, this short novel is a feel-good read. The title of the work makes the conclusion transparent and the characters strike one as stereotypical. Those stereotypes, however, are part of the book’s charm. The fact that events happen over the space of two days may prove difficult to imagine, but the author’s ability to paint scenes, coupled with a generally easy-going writing style, mitigates any time frame issues. Though the story ended abruptly, the reasons for the main characters being in their predicament is plausible. This lends credibility to the story as a whole, even though the reader never hears directly from those left at the altar.


With rose-colored glasses in place, sit down and enjoy the story of a budding relationship, helped along by small-town America’s generosity!


Heather R. Nielsen