How to Not Fall for Your Ex: A Sweet and Humorous Romance


Timini Jensen, a novice designer, wakes up late for her interview to become a full-fledged costumer, but will make it even with everything going wrong. When Timini’s roommate’s boyfriend begs her to test his project, a dating app which he created, Timini is a bit apprehensive. But with all her six roommates’ help, she grudgingly goes along with it. As Timini is checking out the faceless men, one guy captures her interest, a guy known only as Jackson. Silly verbal bantering through texts draws Timini and Jackson together. As Timini and Jackson get to know one another, their attraction only grows deeper, making the anonymity difficult to keep. Still Timini and Jackson yearn to meet each other face to face, despite the unforeseen repercussions.

This amusing, light-hearted, clean, contemporary romance is a delightful read! The story, written from both the heroine’s and hero’s points of view, manages to be both funny and serious throughout. At times, there is quite a bit going on between all the minor characters which makes the story feel a bit chaotic. Timini, the kind-hearted clumsy yet charming heroine, manages to be both winsome and enchanting. Sure, she makes mistakes and her past is a little vague, but readers can easily relate to her. Jackson, the rich hero, is approachable and likable despite his flaws. Sometimes Jackson is a bit rude to Timini and doesn’t treat her well, but he still does some heart-warming things that make him impossible to resist. The book manages to be satisfying and keep its sweet allure from beginning to end!

Roslynn Ernst