How to Choose a Sweetheart


HUMOR:  Max is a bookseller just out of a relationship and struggling to find purpose. When Cath walks in one day, and sends him for a whirl, he jumps at the only opportunity he has to get to know her:  he contacts her about her advert for a piano teacher for her daughter, Alice. Unfortunately Max doesn’t know how to play the piano. But it’s no problem, he just has to take lessons as well. It’ll all work out, right? Struggling to maintain his cover as well as falling hard for Cath, Max spins a web that gets stickier and stickier.  Can he keep it up or will he fail to win Cath in the end?


A contemporary romantic comedy any romance lover will enjoy! Max is bumbling but determined. His friends are riotously helpful which of course only causes more problems. Meanwhile in pursuing the elegant Cath, recently divorced and single mother of a delightful young daughter, Max uncovers an enticing story about his seemingly hopeless old piano teacher. Somewhat reminiscent of the TV show “Friends”, readers will enjoy watching Max jump through hoops to win Cath over, befriend Alice, and grow up some more himself in the process. A thoroughly delightful read!


Sarah E Bradley