Hot Number

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Professor Sadie Bligh has been passed over for the prestigious mathematics award, the Eagleton Mathematics Prize... again.  In an effort to forget about that and her father’s disappointment she goes (where else?)  to Sin City.  Sadie is resolved-she’ll have fun, throw caution out of the window and make great memories, because really… what happens in Vegas... There she meets Nick Saxon, security chief, and an incredible man. But, she is also introduced to the rush of gambling and counting cards and the two most definitely don’t mesh.

Nick is a retired Marine. He came home to look after his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. His job at the casino is the only thing that enables him to take care of her financially. At the casino he meets Sadie, so obviously different from the usual patrons, so goofy, smart and charming, he can’t help but feel drawn to her. But, what brought them together, the casino and gambling, may tear them apart as Nick is forced to make a difficult choice…

This book is a spicy, funny and interesting addition to the Romance genre - not to mention steamy! Nick, the studly Sheriff, sure can set a girl’s heart pounding!  However, the book, especially the first half, contains too many ridiculous situations and illogical behavior on Sadie’s part to allow it a higher rating. Her supposed brilliance most often wasn’t evident, except in her vocabulary. Also, a minor thing - there’s no Nobel’s prize for mathematics. Still, if one is looking for a steamy romance with a hot security officer and lots of humor, this is the book!

Mimi Smith