Homewrecker Incorporated

S. Simone

Claudia Mason has made it her life's work to help women catch their cheating husbands. She’s the best at what she does and it has made her wary of men and has played havoc with her own love life. When she meets Greyson Michaels, he turns her world upside down and as they spend more time together she begins to realize that not all men are lying, cheating scumbags. Greyson shows Claudia just how powerful love can be. But in her line of work, a happily ever after for herself could be a big problem. 

Granted, the story idea for "Homewrecker Incorporated" is one that has been done in other ways; author S. Simone Chavous' version stands out on its own. Both main characters are well written and well developed; their relationship is both rocky and passionate with that perfect blend of romance thrown in. The sex scenes are red hot and will leave readers feeling more than a little warm under the collar. The pace of the story is such that it makes the book easy to read yet with the ideal amount of description both in character development and setting. "Homewrecker" is a fabulous love story with red hot passion that will exhilarate readers. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick