Home In Your Arms – A Deerbourne Inn Book


Karla Payne, tavern owner in Willow Springs, VT, is grieving the tragic loss of her fiancé, Joe.

Zane Blackthorne, who served with Joe, has committed his stories about his hometown and his sweetheart to memory. Stopping in Willow Springs on his way to a couple of job interviews after he retires from the Army, he checks into Deerbourne Inn and visits Karla’s tavern for dinner. After a night of reminiscing, the two of them experience an attraction that fills them with a little bit of guilt. They can’t deny their attraction; however, they have different ideas about where their relationship is headed. They wonder if they can get over their connection to Joe and develop a lasting love of their own.

“Home in Your Arms” is a sentimental story about reaching for happiness and taking a chance on love. Although the main characters spend much time in their own heads and their relationship progresses quickly, the story still manages to be interesting enough to capture readers. Their attraction to each other delivers love scenes that are hot and juicy. Their conversations leave a lot up in the air about how they manage to fall for each other. The secondary characters are familiar personalities found in any small town. The use of the deceased fiancé and friend as a vivid character provides the strings tying not only the two main characters together, but also is a unique concept readers will find enticing. Ms. O’Shay delivers a tale of two people grieving a tragic loss, who take a leap of faith and find a safe place to call home within one another’s arms.

Tonya Mathenia