Home Sweet Home


Trina has gone through a lot during her life, including a drunk mother who always had different boyfriends and was not there for her when she needed her. When she was younger, Trina lost her boyfriend, who was her best friend, in a car accident resulting from alcohol. They made plans together, but Trina lost all that the day he died, and she flees her hometown, drowning in sorrow and pain. Years later after going through untold heartache and finally a divorce, Trina finally returns to her hometown seeking a fresh start. She’s faced with the ghosts of her past that she must lay to rest in order to move on.

“Home Sweet Home” is an emotional heartwarming story about love, loss, life, anger, forgiveness and going home again. Lilly Mirren takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves the reader laughing and crying. The characters are strong and not perfect, believably like people one sees in real life. The author has created a very believable and strong storyline that will make you feel both good and bad, and one will cheer the characters on to find peace and happiness. The realistic and real-life tragedies that Trina faces gives the reader hope that one will be able to make a fresh start and find oneself again, no matter the hardship. “Home Sweet Home” is a must read for anyone who loves an emotional story that will tug on one’s heartstrings and have the reader crying and laughing throughout.

Victoria Zumbrum