Home with My Heart (A Southland Romance ~ The Prequel (Southland Romances)


Dixie Johnson from Georgia is a widow with three young daughters, working two jobs and doing her best to pay off her husband's bookie. A night out with her sister may be just what she needs to drown her sorrows. While at the bar she sees a man with a great smile and she is out to have a good time. Unbeknownst to Dixie, Big Dan is there to meet with her about her qualifications and help him with a new business venture. Will her night out and acting like a floozy end her chance for a leg up? Will Big Dan be able to let go of the ghost of a wife and open his heart and home to a new opportunity of love and family life for his three boys? 


This Southern charmer is a fun, steamy and suspenseful read. There is a bit of mystery around every corner and the amusing southern dialogue is entertaining. The story is done true to its time of 1984 and done well. The paranormal pieces are subtle and limited and are woven into the plot nicely. The kids steal the show and one can’t help but think of a 70’s TV show that parallels the family dynamic. The quick romance and the tug of war on Dixie’s part is a bit unrealistic yet will keep readers engrossed. Ms. White has a knack for moving the story along and keeping the flow at a steady pace. Subplots are a bit heavy and get a bit lost, with most of the focus on the main characters and their daily adventures.


Viola Robins