Hollywood Player (Hollywood Name Game Book 3)


After suffering a brutal attack that ends her modeling career and sends her to live the life of a hermit, London Russell is left with no friends in a town where she knows very few people. She likes it that way… at least she thinks she does. With modeling off the table, London is free to pursue her love of music, something she has great talent with. Releasing several albums without ever touring, London is something of an enigma. A chance meeting with two heavy-hitters in Hollywood presents London with a new opportunity, a new challenge, forcing her to open up her life to new friends. Hollywood star Knox Monroe is reeling from the loss of a dear friend, feeling adrift and not knowing what to do. Meeting London, thanks to his obnoxious dog, brings new opportunities his way, including the chance for a love that’s real, not scripted on-screen.

Readers will be drawn into this scintillating tale from the get-go. The attack London endures forces her to change the course of her life, and it’s handled realistically and beautifully. London herself is a somewhat quirky and guarded character, yet one that readers will enjoy. Knox is a delight; a non-cookie cutter hunk who has his own fiercely guarded issues to deal with. The story flows well, although their relationship seems to start off at warp-speed which is a little unbelievable, but nevertheless does not spoil the story. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing previous couples as secondary characters in this book, all of whom are fun and add dimension. A deliciously entertaining story from start to finish, it’s completely un-put-down-able.

Katy Nielsen