Hollywood Heartbreaker (Hollywood Name Game Book 1)


Cassie Carroll’s cat wakes her up better than any alarm clock, except today… so now she’s late to a job interview. Being so late, she can only hope her jalopy of car will start.

She’s currently working for a third-rate Hollywood entertainment agency and looking to move up and start over doing anything at one of the best agencies in town. Rhett Corrigan is at the top of his game. He’s an action-movie actor but is itching for a change, to do something outside his norm. When Cassie wheels into the lot, just in time for her interview, she dodges a dog and plows directly into the Hollywood hunk’s car. Could her day possibly get any worse? How will Rhett react when his shiny sports car goes up in flames after Cassie hits him?

“Hollywood Heartbreaker” is packed full of drama and plenty of paparazzi to cause trouble! Cassie and Rhett meet in a creative and unconventional way. Though predictable early on, the plot adds enough twists to keep it interesting, and the characters keep the story moving at a good pace. The Hollywood glitz and glam is well portrayed and the real people behind the stars bring the real-life issues that many experience forefront. The love connection is predicted and a bit of an overused relationship trope. The reality of health issues and mental illness are handled delicately, which readers will appreciate. There is a beautiful relationship that blossoms and some new, unexpected writers, producers and directors that emerge. Readers who love pop culture will surely want to read this series!

Viola Robins