Hollywood Enigma: Hollywood Name Game Book 5


Wynn Gallagher has been betrayed before, but that didn’t stop him from rising to the top of Hollywood. He may play a superhero and could have all the friends and women in the world but instead withdraws from society. The role of a lifetime has actually worn him down, and he would do anything to get out of his contract. That is where the lovely but fierce Scarlett Corrigan comes in. She is the best lawyer in the entertainment industry. Only she can get Wynn out of his contract, but the temptation to be something more is too great. She is unbelievably successful, but desperately wants a family. Wynn realizes he cannot live his life without her, but first he will have to overcome his past as well as help her overcome hers. 

This Hollywood romance is addictive from beginning to end! The characters are vibrant and complex. They both have a past that affects how they look at the future, but both come to realize that they are each other’s future. There is also more to Hollywood life in this book. The main characters believe in starting charities and foundations, not anything like a typical Hollywood lifestyle, and add to that, their chemistry is off the charts. The romance may be heartwarming, but there are also tons of twists and turns! In fact, there are moments of suspense which will make one realize that none of the characters are safe. These plot twists move with the romantic storyline perfectly and at a wonderful pace. There is no putting this book down! If readers want a book filled with surprises then this is definitely it!

Amanda Hupe