A Holiday Affair

Michele Paige

Bree, Carson, and Anna are life-long best friends from the small southern town of Holiday, Alabama. Carson and Anna become engaged, but when Carson’s mom dies, it is Bree he reaches to for comfort. Three months later, on the eve of Carson and Anna’s wedding, Bree is making plans to move to Mississippi to finish school and give her and Carson’s baby up for adoption. Carson finds out and instead of marrying Anna, elopes with Bree. Complications with the pregnancy and a near-tragedy send Carson and Bree back to the hometown they ran away from, seeking forgiveness and acceptance of the family they have become.

This book is wonderful! The author captures readers from the beginning of the book with the consequences of Carson and Bree’s one night together and the resulting betrayal of Anna. The reader will travel with Carson and Bree on their elopement, their nights at the hospital, and the realization that they have loved one another all along. The author spins a fabulous tale of guilt, redemption, forgiveness, and hope. The values and attitudes of a small town are spot-on to what would happen in real life. 

The reader will revel in the unfolding of Carson and Bree’s love story, their tragedies, and the way they take on their family, friends, and attitude of an unforgiving town. "A Holiday Affair" is a fabulous example of how gripping, loving, and intriguing a wholesome romance should be.  

Carly Fulmer