Hidden In the Stars: A Falling Stars Novel


Jackson is in a very dark place. When his girlfriend is caught cheating on him by the media, his humiliation is broadcast worldwide. What does a rock star expect? He swears off love and decides that bedding a ton of beautiful women is the best way to heal his pain. Unknown to Jackson, there is a beautiful woman waiting in the wings for him. One who will make him open his heart and make him realize the meaning of true love and what it means to find that one person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. 

This novel is set in first person POV and alternates between the main characters. This is an interesting approach although it can get a little confusing at times. Very passionate and sexy, the character of Jackson changes throughout the book going from a bitter, jilted man to someone who manages to find love again. Liza is lovable and the repartee between her and Jackson gives some very laugh-out-loud moments. Another aspect of this novel which is good is that the author has included songs from Jackson’s band and it’s really easy to imagine them being sung. A very good book in a promising series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick